Raytheon wins $4.8mn USAF contract to work on EW payload for cruise missiles

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Raytheon wins $4.8mn USAF contract to work on EW payload for cruise missiles
The U.S Air Force has awarded the US-based defense contractor Raytheon Company $4.8 million to continue the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile, known as CHAMP, aboard the Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile.
Raytheon wins 4 8mn USAF contract to work on EW payload for cruise missiles 640 001Raytheon's CHAMP electronic warfare device is being paired with the AGM-86 CALCM cruise missile
CHAMP is a non-kinetic payload that can disable adversaries' electronic systems. As part of the contract, Raytheon Missile Systems Ktech will refurbish the CHAMP payload and a pair of CALCMs and deliver them to the Air Force Research Laboratory. This is the first major CHAMP activity since the AFRL successfully demonstrated the technology in October 2012.

"Non-kinetic systems give the U.S. the option to defeat enemy infrastructure with little collateral damage," said Dr. Thomas Bussing, vice president of Raytheon Advanced Missile Systems. "The pairing of CHAMP and CALCM, a proven weapon, lowers risk and brings tomorrow's capabilities forward to today."

The CHAMP industry team includes CALCM manufacturer The Boeing Company and Sandia National Laboratories.

CHAMP is a non-kinetic payload, developed by Raytheon that can disable enemy electronic systems. The system is presently capable of fitting CALCM and potentially, other platforms.



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