PZL-Swidnik handed over W-3PL Gluszec and W-3RM Anakonda choppers to Poland

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PZL-Swidnik handed over W-3PL Gluszec and W-3RM Anakonda choppers to Poland
PZL-Swidnik, a Leonardo-Finmeccanica company, handed over to the Polish Armed Forces the last in the second series of four W-3PL Gluszec helicopters, which will bring the total number of Gluszec helicopters in the service of the Polish Army to eight.
PZL Swidnik handed over W 3PL Gluszec and W 3RM Anakonda choppers to Poland 640 002PZL-Swidnik delivered the eighth W-3PL Gluszec gunship helicopter to the Polish armed forces
(Credit: Ministry of Defense of Poland)
Moreover the handover of the first two out of five W-3RM Anakonda helicopters modernized for the Polish Navy took place. The company also demonstrated today the new MRO center, which will help to improve the client and product support it offers. The ceremony was attended by outstanding guests, including representatives of the Polish government headed by the Minister of National Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, Armed Forces, operators of the helicopters produced in Swidnik, local authorities, MPs, as well as representatives of the Polish defense industry, R&D sector and the media.

Mauro Moretti, CEO and General Manager Leonardo-Finmeccanica said: “These latest achievements testify the importance of our long-established in-country presence as well as our world-class leading role in supplying the capabilities our customers deserve. We’re committed to delivering even more in the future to meet any requirement with latest technology, cost/effective through life-cycle support and unparalleled industrial benefits for Poland.

W-3PL Gluszec helicopter is a result of close cooperation between PZL-Swidnik, Polish Armed Forces and the Air Force Institute of Technology. The helicopter is in daily service of the 56th Air Base in Inowroclaw. Gluszec is the newest version of Sokól rotorcraft modernized to meet combat support standards. The helicopter is provided with state-of-the-art avionics integrated with the mission computer and with the equipment and armament (largely Polish-made) allowing it to fulfil a wide range of combat missions, i.e. CSAR, combat support, troop and cargo transport, convoy duties, surveillance and targeting, and air assault. The following armament systems have been installed on the helicopter: a remote-controlled gun turret, armed with a 12.7mm machine gun mounted under the nose of the helicopter, a double-barrel 23mm cannon in dispenser, NATO 70mm standard rocket launchers, MIL 1553 bus-controlled flare and dipole chaff dispensers, jammer of IR missiles, head-up display; moreover integration covered the existing armament, i.e. 57mm and 80mm rockets, air-to-air missiles, small diameter bombs. The first four Gluszec rotorcrafts were delivered to the Polish Army in December 2010. Then the second contract was signed for upgrade of another four Sokól helicopters to W-3PL version.

PZL Swidnik handed over W 3PL Gluszec and W 3RM Anakonda choppers to Poland 640 001PZL-Swidnik's new modernized W-3RM Anakonda helicopter
(Credit: Ministry of Defense of Poland)
PZL-Swidnik developed and produced W-3RM Anakonda helicopter, which is in service of the Polish Navy. Polish seamen use six such machines and two W-3 helicopters in transport version. Presently Swidnik performs the contract for upgrading of five helicopters used by the Naval Aviation Brigade to the state-of-the-art maritime rescue version. As part of the performed modernization works, PZL-Swidnik adjusts the equipment to the uniform W-3WA RM standard. Transport helicopters will be also adjusted in the future to perform rescue missions. The contract also provides for training of the crews and technical staff. Anakonda helicopters have been in service of the Polish Navy for almost 24 years and have seen action in over 330 rescue operations throughout that time.

PZL-Swidnik is opening a new MRO center, which will use a specially adjusted facility with the area exceeding 4000 m2 to perform maintenance and repairs works for helicopters produced by PZL-Swidnik, including Mi-2, Sokól, Anakonda, SW-4, and in the future also other machines used by both Polish and foreign operators. The new facility is furnished with specialist equipment allowing it to perform all maintenance and repair works in a single place, improving the effectiveness and quality of the works, also by using new equipment and work organization. The center will employ over 100 workers.