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Belgian F-16s about to start raids against IS targets in Syria and Iraq

World Defense & Security News - Belgium
Belgian F-16s about to start raids against IS targets in Syria and Iraq
Six Belgian F-16 fighter jets have left the Kleine Brogel airbase in Belgium yesteday June 27th for a Jordanian airbase, where they will carry out raids against IS targets in Syria and Iraq, Belgian media reported. Previously Belgian jets had only been deployed in operations against the so-called Islamic State in Iraq. From now on they will also attack IS targets in Syria.
Belgian F 16s about to start raids against IS targets in Syria and Iraq 640 001Belgium sent 8 F-16 fighter jets - two in reserve - in Jordan to resume bombing missions in Iraq and start raids in the Syrian airspace
Belgium confirmed plans to expand airstrikes on Islamic State (Isis) targets in Syria in May, as part of the efforts of the US-led military coalition against Daesh. The plans follow the attacks in Brussels, said Belgian prime minister Charles Michel. "In the framework of the agreement with the Netherlands, we will resume the mission of our F-16s", said Michel, during a joint press conference with the US Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Belgian Defence Minister Steven Vandeput told VRT News Network that the mission is very important for Belgium.

It is important that we remain active in the fight against IS. We have seen in our own country what this means for our security. We need to beat the terrorists over there to be safer here,” he said.

The Belgian F-16 fighter’s mission will last a full year.

Until Brussels attacks, Belgians claimed to have destroyed 107 Daesh targets and positions in Iraq, as well as flying reconnaissance missions and supporting ground troops. At least 35 Belgian military trainers and advisers are also working in Iraq, even if during the second half of 2015 Belgium withdrew its aircraft from operations in Iraq.