Israel to get three US-funded C-130J Super Hercules airlifters in 2016

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Israel to get three US-funded C-130J Super Hercules airlifters in 2016
Israel is set to receive three new C-130J Super Hercules military transport aircraft by the end of this year as part of its military aid package from the United States, the Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported Tuesday. Known as the 'Samson' in Hebrew, the three Super Hercules will supplement three others the Israeli Defense Forces currently have as part of its fleet at the Nevatim airbase in the south of Israel.
Israel to get three US funded C 130J Super Hercules airlifters in 2016 640 001A IAF C-130J 'Samson' military airlifter
(Credit: US Embassy in Tel-Aviv)
In 2014, Ha'aretz reported that the Israeli Air Force had reached and agreement with the United States to purchase one additional Hercules, and was considering buying three.

The Super Hercules will serve on Air Force logistical missions involving transportation of equipment. The plane can carry heavier cargo and fly at lower altitudes than previous models, making it well-suited for special missions.

The aircraft has capacity for 128 passengers or four motor vehicles, or for 92 paratroopers or 97 stretchers.

Israel previously deployed the Super Hercules during a military rescue mission following the 2014 earthquake in Nepal. It was also used to evacuate Israeli casualties of a suicide bombing in Istanbul earlier this year.

Israel will also add a total of eight F-35 Stealth aircraft to its fleet in next year, with two set to arrive in December, Ha'aretz reports.

Israel's new defense minister Avigdor Lieberman and Israeli air force officials are expected to participate in an official handing-over ceremony for the Stealth planes hosted by Lockheed Martin, the planes' manufacturer, at its facilities in Texas at the end of June.

(Source: i24news)