Kazakhstan Air Force receives a fifth C-295 transport aircraft

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Kazakhstan Air Force receives a fifth C-295 transport aircraft
The Kazakhstan Air Force received a fifth Airbus C-295 military transport aircraft, the press service of the ministry of defence of Kazakhstan announced on July 29th, 2016. The flight was carried out in three stages through Spain, Greece, Azerbaijan.
Kazakhstan Air Force receives a fifth C 295 transport aircraft 640 001Kazakhstan Air Force's 5th C-295 airlifter recently landed at Almaty airport
(Credit: Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan)
"The Airbus Military C-295 turboprop transport aircraft is designed for the transportation of personnel, cargo, airdrop missions, and sanitary flight operations. C-295 is capable of transporting 71 servicemen or 48 paratroopers or 24 wounded on stretchers with medical personnel, or 9.2 tons of cargo", informed the Office.

The C-295 is operated by the Kazakhstan Air Force since December 2012 and are actively involved in military exercises conducted both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Kazakhstan Air Force is to receive a total of 8 C-295 aicraft by 2018. The country signs a contract with Airbus in October 2013 for the delivery of two more C-295s.

In addition to the C-295s, the Kazakhstan Air Force operates a fleet of Soviet-era An-72s, An-12s and An-26s transport aircraft.