Antonov to upgrade AN-124-100's D-18 engine

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Antonov to upgrade AN-124-100's D-18 engine
Within the programme of the AN-124-100 RUSLAN airplanes upgrading, ANTONOV Company, SE IVCHENKO-PROGRES and MOTOR SICH JSC signed an agreement on joint activity as for deep modernization of the D-18 engines series 3 installed on the aircraft of ANTONOV AIRLINES into series 3M.
Antonov to upgrad AN 124 100 s D 18 engine 640 001An An-124-100 D-18 engine series 3 
(Credit: Antonov Company)
Upgraded engines will provide reducing the noise level and emission. Besides, owing to the modernization, the engines will be operated on technical conditions within a period of assigned service life from 12000 to 14000 flight hours.

At present, the engines of the new series are under stand tests. Start of works on their installation and flight tests on the aircraft of ANTONOV AIRLINES is scheduled for the next year.

Modernization of the engines is one of the top priorities to provide compliance of the AN-124-100 to the modern requirements. It is very important for AN-124-100 type airplanes, which fly all over the world and have no equal on the market of airlift of oversized and non-standard cargoes. Geography of the RUSLANs flights covers more than 900 airports. All the engines of AN-124-100s of ANONOV AIRLINES will be modernized”, said Oleksandr Kotsiuba, President of ANTONOV Company.