Russia's airbase in Armenia takes delivery of five MiG-29 fighter jets

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Russia's airbase in Armenia takes delivery of five MiG-29 fighter jets
Five fighter jets and a helicopter have been delivered to Russia’s Erebuni air base in Armenia, the press office of the Russian Armed Forces Southern Military District told journalists on Saturday. "Russian air base Erebuni… has taken delivery of four overhauled fourth-generation MiG-29 [NATO reporting name: Fulcrum] fighters, an upgraded MiG-29S and an upgraded Mi-8MT [Hip] transport helicopter," the press office says in the news release TASS has received.
Russi airbase in Armenia takes delivery of five MiG 29 fighter jets 640 001A MiG-29 fighter jet takes off from Erebuni air base near Yerevan, Armenia
The press office added that the upgraded MiG-29S differed from the baseline model in having an increased payload (4 tons) and a larger fuel cell, as well as upgraded ejection seats and a radar featuring enhanced countermeasures immunity.

As was reported in the press, there are plans for replacing the MiG-29s stationed at Erebuni AB with brand-new MiG-29SMT multirole fighters by year-end 2016. Under the April 2014 contract, the Russian Aerospace Force is to receive 16 MiG Corp.-built fighters, including 14 MiG-29SMTs and two MiG-29UBT combat trainers. The contract is regarded as a stop-gap measure designed to maintain the combat capabilities of the Aerospace force units operating the fighters of the MiG-29 family until the cutting-edge MiG-35 enters service. A contract for MiG-35s is yet to be signed.
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