Cameroon receives its first Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter

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Cameroon receives its first Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter
Cameroon has received a Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) combat helicopter supplied by Russia, according to a Russian defense industry source. "Russia is to supply two refurbished Mi-24 combat helicopters to Cameroon. The first Mi-24 was delivered in mid-February 2016. There was a delay due to the fitting of the helicopter with new avionics and weapons. Initially, the delivery of the aircraft was scheduled for mid-October 2015", the source said.
Cameroon receives its first Mi 24 Hind combat helicopter 640 001Two Mi-24 Hind from the Syrian Arab Air Force
The source did not reveal the second rotor-wing aircraft supply date. "The second Mi-24 is expected to be supplied to Cameroon later this year", the source added.

Both helicopters will be stationed at Maroua. They will be placed under the direct command of the Cameroonian Rapid Intervention Battalion`s Operation Alpha team. The team is fighting against the Boko Haram terroristic group in the northern part of Cameroon. The Mi-24 will join two Mi-17s acquired from Russia in 2013 as well as Bell 412 and Gazelle helicopters, the latter equipped with HOT missiles.

In 2013, Cameroonian Armed Forces ordered a batch of Russian Mi-17 military-transport helicopters.
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