Sri Lanka reportedly shown interest for India-made Tejas LCA fighter jet

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Sri Lanka reportedly shown interest for India-made Tejas LCA fighter jet
Sri Lanka has reportedly shown interest in purchasing Light combat aircraft (LCA) Tejas from India, reports today the local newspaper Colombo Gazette, refering to the International Business Times. Light combat aircraft (LCA) Tejas is the multi-role light fighter that is in development with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), and recently showcased its acrobatic skills successfully at Bahrain International Airshow 2016, a first such display outside India.
Sri Lanka reportedly shown interest in India made Tejas LCA fighter jet 640 001IAF HAL Tejas LCA fighter jet during winter trials
Though the aircraft has been in development for some years now, India’s southern neighbour Sri Lanka is said to be interested in LCA Tejas, the International Business Times reported. Sources close to India Today have said Sri Lanka could be a possible export customer.

Recently, LCA Tejas test-fired Derby Beyond Visual Air-to-Air missile and there will be more such tests.

The aircraft is yet to obtain its Final Operational Clearance (FOC) as it has to receive certification of the integration of Derby BVR missiles and GSh-23 autocannon, air-to-air refuelling probe, increase in the angle of attack, and enhanced braking system quartz model of nose cone radome.

An upgraded LCA Tejas MK-1A will feature modern AESA radar, and aerial refuelling probe better for service maintenance. The Indian Air Force has reportedly ordered over 100 Tejas MK-1As.

The Mark 2 version of the aircraft is a more advanced version that will feature a powerful engine and incorporate fifth-generation jet fighter elements.