Mil Helicopters started working on Mi-38 helicopter military variant

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Mil Helicopters started working on Mi-38 helicopter military variant
Moscow Mil helicopter plant (a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters) has defined the concept of Mi-38 military-transport helicopter modification (Perspective Medium-Transport Landing Helicoper, Russian acronym PSDTV), according to the company`s quarterly report.
Mil Helicopters starte working on Mi 38 helicopter military variant 640 001Mil Helicopters Mi-38 transport helicopter
"Know-how 'The designing of Mi-38-based PSDTV concept' has been counted as an intangible asset", the author of the report pointed out. He did not mentioned the specifications of the perspective helicopter. Nor he revealed the PSDTV`s design.

The Mi-38 is an advanced Russian multi-purpose utility rotor-wing aircraft being developed by the Russian Helicopters holding. Previously it was reported, that the military-transport modification of Mi-38 had been designated as Mi-383.

It flew for the first time on 22 December 2003 and was certified on 30 December 2015. The Mi-38 can carry up to 30 passengers and has an internal load capacity of 6,000 kg. It can be powered by two Klimov TV7-117V or Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127/TS turboshaft, 2,800 shp each. The Mi-38 has a maximum speed of 320 km/h and a range of 920 km. Its service ceiling is 5,900 m.
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