Finmeccanica integrated Mode 5 Reverse-IFF to the Italian Typhoons

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Finmeccanica integrated Mode 5 Reverse-IFF to the Italian Typhoons
Finmeccanica has upgraded the Italian Typhoons’ air-to-ground capabilities. In cooperation with the Italian Air Force the company integrated a Mode 5 Reverse-IFF system to the Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoons. The new capabilities were recently presented to NATO Battlefield Combat Identification Capability Team officials.
Finmeccanica integrated Mode 5 Reverse IFF to the Italian Typhoons 640 001An Italian Air Force Typhoon fighter jet flying with the air refuelling system extended
(Credit: Eurofighter GmbH)
As an IFF system it is based on the same concept to communicate with other forces in the battlespace. In the case of reverse-IFF the system uses the transponder to scan ground vehicles, allowing the pilot to determine the exact location of friendly forces and avoid putting them into danger.

During the demonstration, the Italian Air Force simulated a Close Air Support mission at the Pratica di Mare Air Force Base. The reverse-IFF system was installed in a number of Lince armoured vehicles of the Italian Army. As the fighter aircraft approached the area the vehicles transmitted the “friendly” signals notifying the pilot of their status.

NATO considers the reverse-IFF system a feasible short-to-mid-term solution for the air-to-ground identification, bearing no technological or mechanical risks. The Mode-5 standard was conceived in the late 90s and developed in the 00s by the Italian industry before being adopted by NATO as the new standard for military platforms, which will be mandatory across NATO members starting from around 2020.