Russia could equip India's future Ka-226T helicopters with night vision goggles and HMTDIS systems

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Russia could equip India's future Ka-226T helicopters with night vision goggles and HMTDIS systems
Russia may outfit Ka-226T light multirole helicopters with helmet mounted target designation and indication system (HMTDIS), a source in the defense industry told TASS. "All of the Ka-226T helicopters for India will be fitted with night vision goggles and HMTDISs since the machine will be used, among other functions, for reconnaissance and target designation," the official told the agency.
Russia could equip India s future Ka 226T helicopters with night vision goggles and HMTDIS systems 640 001India will licence-build at least 200 Kamov Ka-226T light multirole helicopters
"We’re prepared to offer the Indians another, technically more plausible, solution, such as night vision goggles with a data introduction capability and a platform-free inertial navigation system (INS) that determine where the pilot looks," the official added.

The INS design is based on three micro-accelerometers and micro-gyroscopes. "Once the pilot looks at the target, he pushes the button, after which the system determines, with the aid of the laser rangefinder, the geographical position of the target and locks onto it," the source said. "If the HMTDIS is used by a combat helicopter, the pilot can, after locking onto the target, use the onboard armament."

One of the specific features of the new HMTDIS is its miniature size. "The system is just a small printed circuit board," the source informed.

At present, Russia has created a new HMTDIS technology demonstrator and an issue of technical specifications is expected soon. "We’re prepared to offer the system to the Indians and are willing to develop its export version," the expert said, noting that the Russian helicopters too can be fitted with the HMTDIS. "The Russian pilots have long sought such a system," he added.

A device with a similar function of the Look-Shoot class is used by the South African company Paramount Advanced Technologies that is upgrading the Mi-24 Hind helicopter to the Super Hind level. In particular, this will enable the pilot, by moving his head and eyes, to aim the nose-mounted turret with an automatic gun at the target. According to the expert, the design of this device distorts the image and negatively affects the pilot’s condition, causing for instance, an excessive eye strain.

India chose months ago to licence-build 200 Kamov Ka-226T multirole helicopters for the Indian military for an estimated USD700 million.
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