Eighth prototype of the AVIC J-20 stealth fighter performed its maiden flight

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Eighth prototype of the AVIC J-20 stealth fighter performed its maiden flight
According to Chinese medias, the eighth J-20 fifth-generation fighter aircraft prototype made its maiden flight on November 24, 2015 at the Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) factory in Chengdu, China. Complete with a red carpet launch ceremony, the event was attended by AVIC dignitaries, J-20 program personnel and Chinese government officials.
Eighth prototype of the AVIC J 20 stealth fighter performed its iden flight 640 001AVIC 8th J-20 stealth fighter aircraft taking skies on Nov. 24, 2015
After several months of preliminary flight testing, "2017" is likely to be taken by the Chine Test Flight Establishment (CTFE) to remote northern China, where it can conduct more significant testing away from prying eyes.

Certainly the most significant change in the new prototype is the reshaped cockpit canopy, which provides the pilot with greater visibility.

The first J-20 prototype (tail number "2001") made its first flight in Chengdu on january 11, 2011, and the second prototype (tail number "2002") in May 2012. They were followed by prototype, tail number "2011" (first flight in March 2014), "2012" (July 2014), "2013" (November 2014), "2015" (December 2014) and "2016" (September 2015).

The development status of an indigenous Chinese turbofan for the J-20, often referred to as the WS-15, remains unknown. There is speculation that early J-20 examples may use a version of the Russian Saturn AL-31 turbofan.

In term of avionics, the aircraft features a glass cockpit, with two main large color liquid crystal displays (LCD) situated side-by-side, three smaller auxiliary displays, and a wide-angle holographic head-up display (HUD).