Ukrainian Su-24M Aircraft Debuts Long-Range Storm Shadow Missiles in Groundbreaking Mission

The long-range Storm Shadow missiles of Anglo-French production have recently appeared in service with the Air Force of Ukraine, mounted on a Su-24M bomber aircraft. This acquisition, a result of the United Kingdom's military aid to Ukraine, is a significant milestone in the country's air power capabilities.

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Ukrainian Su 24M Aircraft Debuts Long Range Storm Shadow Missiles in Groundbreaking Mission 925 001 A picture released on social media shows a Ukrainian Su-24M bomber armed with two of these sophisticated missiles  (Picture source Social Network VK )

A picture released on social media shows a Ukrainian Su-24M bomber armed with two of these sophisticated missiles, signaling the readiness of the Ukrainian forces to utilize this new addition to their arsenal.

The Storm Shadow is a British, conventionally armed, stealthy, long-range stand-off precision missile. Capable of reaching targets up to 500 kilometers away, with some sources suggesting a range up to 560 kilometers, these missiles have a pre-programmed guidance system, allowing them to follow a specific route using GPS and terrain recognition to find their targets. The missiles are intended for use against high-value, well-protected targets, making them a potent addition to the Ukrainian Air Force.

In order to accommodate the Storm Shadow missiles, the Su-24M aircraft, a vital component of Ukraine's Air Force, underwent necessary modifications. The recently surfaced photograph provides visual evidence of one such modified Su-24M aircraft, confirming the successful integration of these long-range missiles into Ukraine's military strategy.

The Su-24M, a variant of the Soviet-era Su-24 tactical frontline bomber developed in the mid to late 1960s, remains a significant asset for Ukraine's air power, its role magnified following its recent enhancement with the Storm Shadow missiles.

In a notable application of this newly acquired capability, a Su-24M bomber deployed the Storm Shadow missiles during a military operation against Lugansk on May 12. This marked the first recorded use of these long-range missiles since their acquisition by Ukraine, symbolizing a significant leap forward in Ukraine's military strategy and capabilities.