KAI unveils LUH, Light Utility Helicopter, equipped with kamikaze drones

During the exhibition DX Korea, held from September 21 to September 25, Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) unveiled a variant of its LAH (light attack helicopter).

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KAI unveils LUH Light Utility Helicopter equipped with kamikaze drones 01  Air Launched Effect (ALE) from KAI Light Utility Helicopter (Picture source: KAI)

The KAI LAH (Light Armed Helicopter) is a compact twin-engine combat helicopter that is being developed by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI).

The LAH has been developed from the Eurocopter EC155 following an agreement between the multinational manufacturer Airbus Helicopters and KAI made in 2015. It is capable of performing multiple mission roles including light attack, close air support, escort, and troop transport duties, replacing both the MD500 Defender and AH-1S Cobra helicopters of the Republic of Korea Army's (ROKA). On 4 July 2019, the LAH conducted its maiden flight.

KAI unveils LUH Light Utility Helicopter equipped with kamikaze drones 02  LAH and LUH  (Picture source: KAI)

The LUH variant (Light Utility Helicopter) model was showcased during DX Korea, with a video showcasing different capabilities in an urban environment. The computer-generated video presents the differences between LAH and LUH, the helicopter's Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES), and the use of Air Launched Effects (ALE),  UAVs used for manned-unmanned teaming or even attack as suicide drones (see video below. You can enable subtitles in the language of your choice in the Youtube video settings)