Russian guided drone missile successfully completes trials

MOSCOW, September 23. /TASS-DEFENSE/. The Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) has successfully test fired Kh-MD-E short-range homing guided missile from a drone, CEO Boris Obnosov told TASS.

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Russian guided drone missile successfully completes trials 03  Kh-MD-E showcased during Army-2022 (Picture source: Mike1979 Russia)

He said the corporation had been for several years designing small guided missiles for drones and frontline aircraft. 

“Kh-MD-E homing missile is an example. The R&D is at the stage of the technical project, which is to be completed shortly. Several prototypes have been produced and the missile was successfully test fired by drones,” he said.

The corporation displayed the 110-kg missile at Army-2022 forum. The size and weight allow suspending it under a helicopter, airplane or drone. “Our task is to use fire-and-forget principle. There are designers who make smaller missiles. The KTRV focuses on 50-100 kg so far”, he said.

Kh-MD-E destroys single small and group targets day and night. It has three modifications: with a semi-active laser homing warhead (Kh-MD-E1), active radar homing warhead (Kh-MD-E2), and passive radar homing warhead (Kh-MD-E3). The maximum range is 40 km, the payload weighs 30 kg.

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