Russia actively engages ZALA Aero drones

MOSCOW, September 26. /TASS-DEFENSE/. The Russian army began to actively engage drones of ZALA Aero Company, President of the Kalashnikov Company Alan Lushnikov told TASS.

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Russia actively engages ZALA Aero drones 01

ZALA Aero "Lancet" unveiled at Army 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

“Any ZALA drone is new for the Russian Defense Ministry. Military units have begun to actively engage them,” he said.

Rostec earlier said KUB and Lancet suicide drones were engaged in Ukraine and successfully performed in combat. They mostly destroy remote ground targets.

Lancet has several guidance systems: by coordinates, optical-electronic and combined. It has a television communication channel to transmit targets images and confirm their destruction. The drone has a radius of 40 km. The maximum takeoff weight is 12 kg.

KUB carries a 3-kg payload. Maximum flight endurance is 30 minutes and the speed is 130 km/h. Loitering KUB successfully completed acceptance trials in November 2021. Batch supplies are scheduled in 2023.

Russia actively engages ZALA Aero drones 02

KUB can be used to strike at infrastructure facilities, enemy manpower, as well as lightly armored targets. The KUB operates silently and reaches speeds of up to 130 km / h thanks to the electric power plant and can spend up to 30 minutes in flight (Picture source: Zala Aero)

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