Ka-52M receives new protection against MANPADS

MOSCOW, September 20. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Upgraded Ka-52M helicopter received modernized onboard defense against man-portable air defense systems (manpads) and new ballistic protection, a defense industry source told TASS.

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Ka 52M receives new protection against manpads

Ka-52 Alligator (Picture source: Air Recognition)

“Ka-52M received an upgraded onboard defense complex against the whole range of MANPADS,” he said.

New materials increased the ballistic protection without radically increasing the weight of the helicopter. “Now they protect the things, which we could not protect before,” the source said adding the share of anti-corrosion materials also increased in Ka-52M.

The acceptance trials of the upgraded helicopter have to be completed in October.

The weapons of Ka-52M are unified with those of Mi-28NM to increase the destruction range. Ka-52M has a new radar with an active phased antenna array and fires longer-range guided missiles. The helicopter has a stabilized optical-electronic system, a new digital driver that increases guidance precision, disc brakes and durable tires. The upgraded helicopter is powered by VK-2500 engine. The prototype made the first flight on August 10, 2020. The Sazykin Progress Aircraft Plant in Arsenyev will be engaged in its batch production.

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