Ka-52M gunships to complete acceptance trials in October

MOSCOW, September 15. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Upgraded Ka-52M helicopter gunships have to complete acceptance trials in October, a defense industry source told TASS.

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Ka 52M gunships to complete acceptance trials in October 01

Ka-52M ‘Alligator’ combat helicopter (Picture source: Tass)

“The completion of acceptance trials is scheduled in October 2022,” he said.

Progress Aircraft Plant in Arsenyev is ready for Ka-52M batch production, the source added.

Russian Helicopters Holding began to upgrade Ka-52 in 2019. The weapons of Ka-52M are unified with Mi-28NM to increase the destruction distance. Ka-52M has a new radar with an active phased antenna array and fires longer-range guided missiles.

The helicopter has a stabilized optical-electronic system, a new digital driver that increases guidance precision, disc brakes and durable tires. The upgraded helicopter is powered by VK-2500 engine. The prototype made the first flight on August 10, 2020.

Ka-52 has a maximum takeoff weight of 10400 kg, the practical range is 1160 km, and the maximum speed is 310 km/h. The helicopter is armed with a 30 mm gun with 500 shells and can fire guided and unguided missiles, including air-to-air ones, and antitank guided Vikhr missiles.

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