Russian multi-role fighter jets conduct exercise in the Baltic Sea

According to information published by Tass on May 6, 2022, fighter jets and bombers of the Baltic Fleet’s air arm have practiced eliminating a simulated enemy’s naval formation during a planned exercise.

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Russian fighter jets conduct exercise in the Baltic Sea  Russian Su-30SM multi-role fighter jets (Picture source: Caspian News)

According to the press office, the enemy was simulated by fleet warships accomplishing assigned missions at sea. The planned exercise involved seven planes of the fleet’s air arm and three surface ships of the Baltic naval base.

The Su-30SM is a 4++ generation multipurpose two-seat fighter. It is designed to eliminate aerial, ground, and surface targets with a wide range of guided and unguided weapons, including air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles.

The Su-24 is a tactical frontline swing-wing bomber designed to deliver attacks against ground and surface targets in good and bad weather conditions in the daytime and at night, including doing so at low altitudes.

The Su-24 is powered by a pair of Saturn/Lyulka AL-21F-3A series turbojet engines delivering 16,860 lbs of thrust each on dry and 24,675lbs of thrust with afterburner. It could hit a maximum speed of 1,320 km/h at sea level and up to 1,550 km/h at higher altitudes. Radius was limited to 2,775 km for ferry operations and 1,050 km for combat operations (without external fuel tanks).

The eight weapons pylons beneath the Su-24's fuselage, wing gloves, and outer wing panels can carry a wide variety of weaponry, ranging from tactical and defense-suppression bombs and missiles to nuclear weapons.

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