A-100 AEW&C aircraft gets unique protective cockpit glass

The cockpit of A-100 Premier airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft was equipped with unique glass that protects the crew against radar emission and is highly transparent, Rostec said.

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A 100 AEWC aircraft gets unique protective cockpit glass 01

The new generation aviation complex is based on the IL-76MD-90A aircraft, carrying a radome with a unique antenna system and the latest special radio equipment developed by the Vega Concern (part of Ruselectronics). A-100 can detect and track air and other types of targets, and help control fighter and assault aircraft guiding it to attack air, ground and naval targets (Picture source: Rostec)

“The composition of the glass and the technology of magnetron deposition helped screen the cockpit from the radar and provide 65-70 percent transparency. The figure did not exceed 30 percent on previous AEW aircraft,” Rostec said.

Technologia Company designed the metal-optic coating. It has specialized in aircraft glass coating for over ten years.

The latest designs include antireflective coating with integral reflection ratio of 0.5 percent (8% without coating) and neutral-density filters with transparency ratio of one to 80 percent.

A-100 aircraft made the first flight with operating radar on February 10. It was developed from Il-76MD-90A airlifter and produced by Vega Concern and the Beriev Aircraft Plant in Taganrog. The aircraft expands the radar field in the required operational direction, detects and tracks air and other targets, controls fighter jets and provides guidance at air, ground and sea targets.

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