Iran displays drones at Army forum in Russia

MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS-DEFENSE/. Iran displayed attack drones at Army-2022 forum, which the United States claims Russia wants to buy and engage in Ukraine. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Russia planned to procure several hundred Iranian combat drones. Tehran will train Russian operators and the first classes had to begin in July.

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Iran displays drones at Army forum 01

Mohajer-6 (Picture source: Tasnim)

Iranian Foreign Minister Hosein Amir-Abdollahian rejected any drone deal with Russia and said Tehran avoids steps that can trigger further escalation in Ukraine. However, Iranian Ground Forces Commander Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari said Iran was ready to sell drones to friendly countries.

Strike drones

Mohajer 6 was the biggest drone with a 10-meter wingspan displayed by Iran at Army forum. It has a takeoff weight of 670 kg and carries a payload of 100 kg. The craft develops a speed of 200 km/h and can fly 12 hours to a distance of 200 km from the control panel.

The drone carries four suspended guided BS20 air bombs. They weigh 20 kg and are over one-meter long. The bombs carry a universal fragmentation 8.5-kg warhead. It can destroy stationary and mobile targets. The guidance is done by television or laser.

A quadcopter was displayed with a 21-kg takeoff weight and a 7-kg payload. It carried a small-caliber mortar mine. The operational radius is 10 km and endurance is 60 minutes.

Air defense

Iran also displayed several air defense weapons. AD-200 long-range complex comprises the command post, phased antenna array radar, tracking and illumination radar, and several launchers with four transportation-launch containers each. The missiles carry a 180-kg warhead. It destroys targets at a distance of 200 km and an altitude of 27 km. The missile has inertial, semi-active or active guidance system.
AD-120 destroys aircraft at a distance of 120 km and an altitude of 27 km. The payload weighs 90 kg. It comprises a radar, a command post with a tracking and illumination radar, as well as a launcher with four containers.

AD-08 launcher destroys targets at a distance of 700-8000 meters. It is carried by a four-wheel undercarriage and has four transportation-launch containers. The missiles have passive infrared homing warhead. The complex can strike four targets at a time.

AD-40 missile has two options — ground and air-based. Its complex has a viewing radar, tracking and illumination station, three launchers with three missiles each, as well as transloaders. The viewing radar has a distance of 120 km and the illumination radar locks on the targets at a distance of 80 km. The missile hits targets at a distance of 40 km and an altitude of 18 km. The missile weighs 640 kg and the payload — 74 kg. The air-to-air option has AD-40A index and can be carried by F-14 jets. It has a range of 50 km.

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