Kalaetron Integral - Hensoldt’s solution for high-performance SIGINT capabilities

In modern conflicts, the importance of signal intelligence has risen. It is recognized that signals intelligence plays a key role in predicting and countering enemy actions. SIGINT (signals intelligence) had been essential to connect the dots between a variety of often misleading or contradicting data. It is important to know for example, the difference between a military exercise in a border region and a build-up of forces designated for an invasion.

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Kalaetron Integral Hensoldts solution for high performance SIGINT capabilities 01 The platform-agnostic approach uses a flexible architecture to scale to the platform of choice with a tailored sensor suite (Picture source: Hensoldt)

If the theatre of war is vast and access by sea is blocked, most of the intelligence gathering depends on airborne platforms and satellites. Wherever air superiority is not given, those planes and drones must maintain a substantial distance from the conflict zone in order not to become a target themselves. This emphasizes the need of highly-performant systems with excellent accuracy, widest possible frequency coverage, immense sensitivity, and long mission endurance.

Kalaetron Integral is Hensoldt’s solution to provide high-performance SIGINT capabilities. The platform-agnostic approach uses a flexible architecture to scale to the platform of choice with a tailored sensor suite. It allows a wide range of possibilities: From designated high-performance surveillance aircrafts to UAVs equipped with pod-based, more economic modified capabilities. Together with its powerful and well proven classification and analysis software, it caters especially the needs of intense, symmetrical warfare situations.

Kalaetron Integral uses an integrated approach on equipment and workflows. It merges the surveillance of radar & communication signals into one integrated system. This means the use of both domains in the full frequency range with a reduced payload onboard. This allows the platform to be smaller – or the SIGINT system onboard being much more powerful.

This integrated approach also simplifies the operators’ task as the system is operated intuitively – saving training effort and allowing for more effective missions. Another benefit is an automated situational picture for COMINT and ELINT with no manual interfaces. For example, to detect a military radar installation even if the system is switched off as the operators continue to communicate with their headquarters.