Royal Air Force receives 6th Poseidon Mk1 maritime patrol aircraft

RAF base Lossiemouth welcomed its newest Poseidon Mk1 maritime patrol aircraft, ZP806, on September 21, Defense Brief reports. The antisubmarine warfare aircraft, named ‘Guernsey’s Reply,’ is the 6th Poseidon aircraft to arrive at the Moray base and will operate as part of the re-established 201 Squadron.

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Royal Air Force receives 6th Poseidon Mk1 maritime patrol aircraft

Royal Air Force Poseidon MPA ZP806 « Guernsey’s Reply » at RAF Lossiemouth (Picture source: RAF)

This ASW aircraft added to the RAF Poseidon fleet will now play a part in the 201 Squadron’s role as the ‘Schoolhouse’ and their mission to train the next generation of Poseidon aircrew and instructors. It will also form part of the front line fleet which will total nine aircraft by the end of 2021.

The Poseidon is already providing maritime patrol capabilities and working side-by-side with the Royal Navy to secure the seas around the UK and abroad. The Poseidon’s comprehensive mission system features an APY-10 radar with modes for high-resolution mapping, an acoustic sensor system, including passive and multi-static sonobuoys, electro-optical/IR turret and electronic support measures (ESM). This equipment delivers comprehensive search and tracking capability, while the aircraft’s weapons system includes torpedoes for engaging sub-surface targets.