Russian R-27 air-to-air missiles to rejoin global market

Russia’s largest manufacturer of air-launched weapons, Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), has commenced modernizing the R-27 family of air-to-air missiles (AAMs), according to the portfolio of the corporation.

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Russian R 27 air to air missiles to rejoin global market 01  MiG-29 firing an R-27 (Picture source: USAF)

According to the Financial Express Online newspaper, the Russian defense industry has upgraded the R-27 to three new standards — R-27R1/ER1, R-27P1/EP1, and R-27T1/ET1, with seeker and propulsion system being the main differences. All members of the upgraded R-27 family feature a multimode actuator with a radar fuze and an impact fuze, a 39-kg rod-type warhead, and a single-mode/dual-mode motor. The ALWs are intended for both Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) and Sukhoi (Su) multirole combat aircraft.

The R-27R1/ER1 missile carries a semi-active radar seeker and a single-mode (for the R-27R1 variant) or dual-mode (for the R-27ER1) motor. The missiles are capable of engaging fighters at ranges of up to 60/62.5 km and have maximum launch ranges of 75/90-100 km. The weapons weigh 253 kg or 350 kg, respectively. Another variant of the Alamo, the R-27P1/EP1, has been fitted with a passive radar seeker.

This missile has also been integrated with Mikoyan-Gurevich and Sukhoi air platforms. The ALW is powered by a single-mode (for the R-27P1) or dual-mode (for the R-27EP1) motor. The R-27P1 engages aerial targets at distances of up to 72 km, while the R-27EP1 — at distances of up to 110 km. The modifications of the missile have a weight of 248 kg or 346 kg. The R-27T1/ET1 missile has received a heat seeker.

Like the other members of the upgraded R-27 family, it have been fitted to Su- and MiG-family combat aircraft. The weapon is capable of engaging aerial targets at distances of up to 65 km (for the R-27T1) or 80 km (for the R-27ET1).

The missiles weigh 245.5 kg and 343 kg, respectively. It should be mentioned that all upgraded R-27-family can be integrated with foreign-made multirole combat aircraft under a technology developed by the designer of the missiles, JSC GosMKB Vympel named after Toropov (a subsidiary of KTRV). The R-27s also feature modular structure, which allows customizing and modernization and improves maintenance. These ALWs are designed to engage both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.


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