Archytas, Greek VTOL UAV presented during Parmenion exercise

A prototype of Archytas, the first Greek VTOL fixed drone wings with the name was presented to deputy minister of national defense Nikolaos Chardalias during the interdisciplinary exercise "Parmenion 2021".

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Archytas Greek VTOL UAV presented during Parmenion exercise Archytas prototype (Picture source: Hellenic MoD)

Greek experts say that Archytas is using technology employed by the U.S. in the unique fifth generation fighter, the F-35B, which can take off and land vertically.

The Greek-designed unmanned aerial vehicle, a fixed wing craft, will be ready in two and a half years from today in order “to respond to any challenge,” said Kyros Yakinthos, professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, who is in charge of the project.

“We want to build a drone which will be able to achieve vertical take-off and landing with systems that have not yet been used before for drones,” he told AMNA radio station in September. He explained that the main goal of the "Archytas" program, in addition to cutting-edge design, is for this drone to be produced in Greece by the ADA and in fact at a limited cost.

It would be used for surveillance, security and more specialized missions.