ZALA Aero Company successfully tests KUB-BLA kamikaze drone

According to information published by Tass on November 11, 2021, Russia’s ZALA Aero Company integrated into the Kalashnikov Group has tested the KUB-BLA seaborne loitering munition, the group’s press office told.

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ZALA Aero Company successfully tests KUB BLA kamikaze drone KUB-BLA seaborne loitering munition (Picture source: ZALA Aero Company)

The concept was presented at the Army 2021 international forum.

According to the press office, the KUB-BLA is multipurpose that can be used as part of a swarm of drones. The drone develops a speed of 80-130 km/h. Its flight duration is 30 minutes and its maximum payload is 3 kg. The drone can loiter in the air, detect a target and attack it from the upper hemisphere in a vertical dive.

After the launch, the drone can loiter in the air to detect a target and then attack it from the upper hemisphere, being able to perform a diving pass along the vertical trajectory.

This allows it to attack tanks in the field from the upper hemisphere, piercing the turret that has minimal armor protection in the upper part. Ordinary air defense systems face difficulties in countering the company’s advanced drone.

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