MiG-35 undergoes integration acceptance test in Russian Air Force – Part 2

Multirole MiG-35 fighter jets are undergoing integration acceptance trials. The preliminary conclusion has been obtained to begin the production of a development batch. The Swifts aerobatic team may receive MiG-35 in the coming years.

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MiG 35 fighter jets enter final trials Part 2 The MiG-35 can engage the whole range of air weapons, including prospective ones (Picture source: Russian Air Force)

The design of a new aircraft takes into account the requirements of pilots. The MiG Corporation is ready to equip new jets with a visualization system if the Defense Ministry requests. “MiG-35 has the latest Russian-made navigation system with modern inertial and satellite elements,” Baloyan told TASS. “Safety and comfort of the pilot are a priority for MiG designers and engineers. MiG-35 is distinguished by intuition-prompted actions in the cockpit, and the pilots confirm it. In a critical situation, the system offers optimal actions to help the pilot,” he said.

MiG-35 onboard equipment is highly self-controlled and monitors aircraft systems and flight conditions. “The pilot is informed about malfunctions or close to critical regimes, and in some cases, the automatics take over control to escape a dangerous regime,” Baloyan said.

MiG-35 is heavier than the predecessor but retained the piloting capabilities due to powerful engines. “Piloting is one of the main training elements in most countries. Yes, MiG-35 is heavier, but RD-33MK engines are more powerful. The power plant provides a major thrust,” he said.

MiG-35 has better aerodynamic characteristics. “Over 20 percent of glider elements are made of composite materials. The solutions of our designers improved stability and controllability of the aircraft, as well as maneuverability,” Baloyan said.

Like Su-30 and Su-35, MiG-35 has a heated seat to provide comfort to the pilot. “Cockpit ergonomics, indication, and controls were designed according to the wishes of pilots,” he added.

MiG-35 enjoys new combat capabilities to win air supremacy. “The aircraft exceeds its predecessor in arms and equipment. It received a new radar and optical-electronic locator, a new helmet-mounted guidance system, and can fire modern air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles (like Su-57, except for big-sized ones), and a broad range of free-falling and smart air bombs,” Baloyan said. The fighter jet can attack ground and sea targets. “MiG-35 can engage the whole range of air weapons, including prospective ones,” Baloyan told TASS.

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