Turkey converts Şimşek target drone into kamikaze UAV

Speaking at CNN Turk TV, Ceo and President of Turkish Aerospace, Professor Temel Kotil said that Şimşek is integrated into UAV and used as a kamikaze drone.

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Turkey converts Şimşek target drone into kamikaze drone ŞİMŞEK (Picture source: Turkish Aerospace Industries)

ŞİMŞEK is originally a High Speed Target Drone System program, initiated in 2009 to meet the increased training requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. The system is intended to meet the requirements of high speed target drone simulating enemy aircraft and missiles for air to air, ground to air, anti-aircraft gunnery and missile systems’ tracking and firing training.

According to Kotil, the target aircraft has been converted into a kamikaze aircraft with a range of 200 km. In his speech, Kotil said that the Şimşek kamikaze plane can carry 5 kg of explosives and can be operated by being integrated into S / UAV systems.

The Şimşek kamikaze aircraft system, which was released from the ANKA S / UAV system in the past, can also be operated from the AKSUNGUR S / UAV system.