CP Technologies teams with GA-ASI to design Portable Aircraft Control Station for US Air Force

On March 30, CP Technologies announced it has teamed with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. to design and manufacture the Portable Aircraft Control Station (PACS) for the US Air Force. 

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CP Technologies teams with GA ASI to design Portable Aircraft Control Station for US Air Force

Built around a state-of-the-art processor with significant processing power, the system utilizes virtualization to eliminate the standard stick and throttle control console, workstation processors, and audio equipment found in a full-scale ground control station.(Picture source: General Atomics)

The PACS is a rugged, compact system, capable of performing all direct connect aircraft pre- and post-flight operations and engine functions. It will replace the standard Ruggedized Aircraft Maintenance Test Station (RAMTS) with a self-contained rugged portable system for downrange deployment. Combined with Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC) already fielded on MQ-9A, as well as SATCOM Taxi capability fielding in 2021, the PACS can replace the full-size ground control station at the launch and recovery site (LRE). Its intuitive USB hand controller and touch screens replace the standard aircraft "Stick and Throttle" functionality.

The system consists of 3 x 24-inch multi-touch displays with an Intel XEON processors allowing powerful processing functionality with enhanced human interface capability. The system provides a compact and cost-effective solution for today's Air Force.

"Our expertise in designing, fabricating and integrating highly versatile expeditionary workstations makes us an attractive industry partner to serve the military, industrial and commercial markets," said Mark Kempf, vice president CP Technologies & CP Systems at CP Technologies. "The long-term support we offer for our products via revision control, componentry road mapping, configuration management, and our standard 5-year warranty also provides us with a unique competitive advantage."