Ilyushin Il-112V airlifter to make second flight on March 30

The light Il-112V airlifter will make its second test flight on March 30 from the airfield of Voronezh Aircraft Plant, a source in the industry told TASS. “Low-pass tests were completed in late January 2021 and the airlifter was rolled out. The second flight is scheduled on March 30,” the source said.

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Ilyushin Il 112V airlifter to make second flight on March 30 Ilyushin Il-112V (Picture source: UAC/Wikipedia)

Il-112V is the first airlifter designed in Russia from scratch in the post-Soviet period. Ilyushin has been making it since 2014. The airlifter will carry 5 tons of cargoes, soldiers, arms and hardware.

The Ilyushin Il-112 is a high-wing light military transport aircraft being developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (JSC IL) for air landing and airdrop of military air cargoes, equipment and personnel. It has similar weights and dimensions to the An-26 it is intended to replace but differs by having a notably larger cabin cross-section, allowing it to accommodate 44 armed soldiers instead of 38. Thanks to the engine's reduced specific fuel consumption, which is down by 38 percent, the Il-112 has twice the ferry range, at 5,200 km (2,808 nm). The crew is reduced from six to two thanks to modern avionics and onboard equipment. The Il-112V is equipped with avionics combining the entire equipment complexes and systems into an integrated complex – the onboard equipment integrated complex. All aviation information, as well as information on the operation of aircraft systems, is displayed on six LCD monitors.

It made its maiden flight on March 30, 2019. The second one was scheduled in April 2020 but was postponed because of the airstrip reconstruction, which has been completed by now. In October 2020, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov announced that the two prototype aircraft would be delivered to the Defense Ministry in 2021, and that the first serial production units should be delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2023.