Grom drone to carry Kh-38 missiles

Prospective Grom combat speed drone will be armed with guided air-to-surface Kh-38 missiles, a defense industry source told TASS.

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Grom drone to carry Kh 38 missiles 01 Mock-up of stealth combat drone Grom ("Thunder). The UAV is intended to be a Loyal Wingman and team up with a manned jet like Su-57 (Picture source: Kronshtadt)

“An option of Grom drone of Kronshtadt Company will carry guided Kh-38 missiles,” the source said. TASS could not obtain an official confirmation of the report.

Tactical Missiles Corporation said Kh-38 has a modular design, a range of 70 km and a speed of over Mach 2. Several warheads have been designed for it, including high explosive fragmentation and piercing.

Kronshtadt said Grom has four suspensions under the wing and inside the fuselage. It has a takeoff weight of 7 tons and can deliver a 1.3-ton payload to a distance of 800 km.

Grom can reportedly control a swarm of ten combat drones.

Grom drone to carry Kh 38 missiles 02 MKh-38ME (Picture source: Allocer)

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