Liteye and Unmanned Experts partner to address drone swarms

Liteye Systems, based in Denver Colorado, has partnered with Unmanned Experts Inc. to provide the hardware components to ruggedize the new AIR COMMONS – SWARM, drone swarm asset planning, management, and control system.

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Liteye and Unmanned Experts partner to address drone swarms 01

Unmanned Experts Inc. develops SWARM management systems, Liteye provides hardware (Picture source: Liteye)

AIR COMMONS SWARM technology enables command and control tasking, mission planning, and generation of a “Swarm Air Tasking Order” including resource allocation, asset-target matching, force management, and mission control. These capabilities enable US swarm commanders and tacticians to deploy overwhelming autonomous airpower faster than the enemy’s decision-making cycle. The system is designed to fully integrate Unmanned Traffic Management, Advanced Air Mobility, Air Traffic Management, and UAS utilization and provide Air Domain Awareness within a disaster response or deployed Area of Responsibility.

“Swarming autonomous systems are the next technology to be addressed to secure dominance and air superiority,” said Keven Gambold, CEO of Unmanned Experts, Inc. “AIR COMMONS has demonstrated control of 55 drones and this number continues to increase.”

“Unmanned Experts’ technology is necessary for today’s battle,” said Kenneth Geyer, CEO of Liteye, “Swarms are increasing, and adding these capabilities to friendly UAS capabilities will be vital moving forward.”

Liteye and Unmanned Experts partner to address drone swarms 02 AIR COMMONS – SWARM manages and controls into a local C2 (Picture source: Liteye)