Sukhoi jets and Mi-28N helicopters may be armed with latest S-13B unguided missiles

Sukhoi jets and Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters may be armed with the latest S-13B unguided missiles, Tecmash Executive Director Alexander Kochkin told TASS.

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Sukhoi jets and Mi 28N helicopters may be armed with latest S 13B unguided missiles 03 Rocket S-13B at the MAKS-2021 exposition (Picture source: Tass)

“A set of flight trials on each vehicle is necessary to engage the missiles by the carriers. S-13 missile has been tested on Su-24M, Su-25, Su-35, Su-30MK2, Yak-130, MiG-29BM, and Mi-28N helicopter,” he said.

The missile combines the capabilities of several missiles of S-13 family of 122mm caliber. In contrast to S-13T and S-13OF, S-13B has a three-position initiating switch, which provides immediate or delayed (long and short) detonation of the warhead.

“If the switch is set to immediate detonation, the result is that of S-13OF. The explosion will took place on the surface and destroy light armor. If the maximum delay is set, the effect will be of S-13T,” Kochkin said.

S-13B has a higher firepower warhead. The missile is operated by available and prospective operational-tactical jets to destroy aircraft in reinforced shelters, airstrips, and other strong targets, as well as vulnerable armor and troops.

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