IDEF 2021: Roketsan displays Smart Micro Munition Family MAM-T

Roketsan is expanding its Smart Micro Munition product family, which has proven success in the field, with MAM-T. MAM-Thas been developed to address a need for greater warhead efficiency and longer range, in the light of the experience gained with MAM-L and MAM-C. MAM-T, which has received full marks from the user with its successful first test firing, is exhibited for the first time at IDEF’21.

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Roketsan displays Smart Micro Munition Family MAM T Smart Micro Munition Family MAM-T (Picture source: Roketsan)

Members of the Smart Micro Munition Family, which can be integrated with Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AUAV) in the inventories of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the General Command of Gendarmerie, have been used successfully in operations, since 2016 for MAM-L, and since 2018 for MAM-C. Enhancing the efficiency of fixed-wing air platforms and particularly of armed UAVs, the MAM product family is included also in the inventories of friendly and allied nations. MAM-L and MAM-C outperform their rivals with not only their technologies but also their operational experience.

MAM-T, developed by Roketsan engineers in the light of the experience gained from MAM-L and MAM-C, gave a new impulse to UAVs.Its first firing test was completed in April from a Bayraktar AKINCI Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV). In this test, the AKINCI UCAV deployed the Smart Munitions MAM-C, MAM-L, and for the first time, MAM-T, successfully destroying the intended targets.

Developed nationally and indigenously, and optimized in terms of weight/efficiency, MAM-T can be used against armored or unarmoured vehicles, buildings, and surface targets. Along with the midcourse guidance capabilities, the ammunition provides high precision against moving and stationary targets in BLOCK-1 configuration has also a semi-active laser seeker. Designed to be compatible with different platforms, the newest member of the family, MAM-T, with a 30+ km range capability from armed UAVs, 60 kilometers from light attack aircraft, and 80 kilometers from fighter aircraft, will continue to demonstrate the game-changer identity of the family in the field.

Roketsan has already completed the serial production preparations and targets to include MAM-T in the inventory of TAF in the forthcoming months.