PAK DA demonstrator to be ready in 2023

The demonstrator of the Prospective Airborne Complex of Long-Range Aviation (PAK DA) is likely to be created by 2023, a source in the aircraft industry told TASS.

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PAK DA demonstrator to be ready in 2023 The Tupolev PAK DA is a next-generation stealth strategic bomber being developed by Tupolev for the Long-Range Aviation branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The PAK DA is set to complement and eventually replace the older Tupolev Tu-95 in Russia's Air Force service (Picture source: Russian Aerospace Forces and Navy)

“The prototype is being produced. The demonstrator is likely to be ready by 2023,” the source said.

New weapons are being designed for the aircraft. “Subsonic PAK DA will be armed with hypersonic weapons. Drones will assist it in the flight,” the source said.

TASS could not obtain an official confirmation of the report.

In December 2019, Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko said PAK DA rough design had been approved and the Tupolev Company began to draft design documentation.

In May 2020, sources told TASS the production of the first prototype had begun. The Gorbunov Aircraft Plant in Kazan will do the final assembly.

PAK DA has a hybrid wing and is made with materials that decrease the radar signature. The aircraft will carry cruise missiles, precision air bombs, hypersonic weapons, the latest communications and electronic warfare.

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