Taiwan inks $340 Million contract for MS-110 multispectral airborne reconnaissance pods

The Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense announced on July 28 that Taiwan has signed a $343 million contract with the United States to purchase six sets of MS-110 multispectral airborne reconnaissance pods.

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Taiwan inks 340 Million contract for MS 110 multispectral airborne reconnaissance pods The MS-110 reconnaissance pod can be seen here at the bottom of the aircraft (Picture source: Collins Aerospace)

Collins Aerospace MS-110 represents the next generation of the widely deployed DB-110 dual band airborne reconnaissance system providing day and night-time, wide area, long-range imagery coverage.

The MS-110 system provides improved intelligence advantage over legacy systems by using:
• Multispectral imaging in multiple visual and IR bands
• Common ground coverage of all bands
• Improved area coverage at long standoff ranges
• Improved image quality (NIIRS)
• Imagery exploitation software designed to rapidly leverage the unique features of MS-110 imagery MS-110 multispectral airborne reconnaissance system
• Shortening sensor to shooter timelines through rapid exploitation of multispectral imagery via high speed near-real-time data link capability

MS-110 integrates seamlessly into the existing DB-110 system CONOPS and architecture, employing common ground support equipment. The sensor is compatible with carriage on advanced fighters (US F-16, F-15 and F/A-18 as well as Gripen and other fast jet platforms), C-130s, MPA class aircraft, ISR business jets and MALE UAVs such as MQ-9.