Korea Aerospace Industries to export two additional T-50TH trainer jets to Thailand

According to industry sources cited by South Korean media on April 23, the Thai government and Korea Aerospace Industries negotiated an additional export of T-50TH trainers to enhance the Royal Thai Air Force.

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Korea Aerospace Industries to export two additional T 50TH trainer jets to Thailand Two T-50TH (Picture source: KAI)

The KAI T-50 Golden Eagle is a family of South Korean supersonic advanced jet trainers and light combat aircraft, developed by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) with Lockheed Martin. The T-50 is South Korea's first indigenous supersonic aircraft and one of the world's few supersonic trainers.

The T-50TH is a special version of the T-50 Golden Eagle developed for Thailand. Nowadays, the Royal Thai Air Force operates 12  T-50TH.

KAI exported 4 units (or the first time in 2015, and 8 additional units in 2017. Thailand tried to introduce two more units last year, but it was postponed indefinitely as the defense budget was cut in the aftermath of the COVID-19 situation.

According to the source, the reached agreement is for two  additional T-50TH.