Russian military interested in advanced Il-114-300 transport plane

The advanced Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprop transport plane has aroused interest of Russia’s military, First Deputy Chairman of the Military and Industrial Commission’s board Andrei Yelchaninov said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily.

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Russian military interested in advanced Il 114 300 transport plane 0101 The Il-114-300 aircraft performed its maiden flight in December 2020 (Picture source: Ilyushin)

“Russia’s military has shown interest in the plane due to its unique flight characteristics,” the press office said.

According to him, the Il-114 plane’s flight endurance that is more than eight hours is the main feature that has interested the Defense Ministry.

“This is necessary for reconnaissance of various types, radio relaying, and observation. High flight endurance and minimal fuel consumption are unique properties,” Yelchaninov said.

The Il-114-300 aircraft performed its maiden flight in December 2020. It is a short-haul turboprop passenger plane for local airlines. It can take off from small airfields with concrete and unpaved runway surface.

The aircraft is planned to obtain the type certificate in 2022 and its serial deliveries are scheduled for 2023.

Russian military interested in advanced Il 114 300 transport plane 02 Il-114-300 (Picture source: Ilyushin)

About Il-114-300

The Il-114-300 airliner is designed for local routes. It is an upgraded version of the turboprop Il-114. The aircraft will be manufactured at Russian aircraft production facilities.

The flight crew consists of pilot-in-command and co-pilot. For successful performance of the flight crew the Il-114-300 is fitted with digital flight-navigation suite ensuring take-off and landing under weather conditions which conform to ICAO category II standard. All flight-navigation information and data on aircraft systems performance is delivered to five color LCD displays.

Usage of the TV7-117SM engines as power plant increases the flight range with maximum passenger load up to 1900 km as compared to the Il-114.

Modern passenger cabin ensures comfortable flight within the whole altitude range.

The systems are configured in such a way that failure of one system does not influence the performance of others. The systems have required level of redundancy and employ well-proven materials Execution of modern technological achievements in maintaining necessary aerodynamic and weight efficiency of the aircraft and power unit give the Il-114-300 high fuel efficiency.

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