Belarus to get Su-30SM fighter jets in 2021

New arms and hardware, including Russian Su-30SM fighter jets will be delivered to the Belarussian armed forces in 2021, First Deputy Air Force Commander Andrey Gurtsevich said.

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Belarus to get Su 30SM fighter jets in 2021 Belarusian Su-30SM  (Picture source: Defense Ministry of Belarus)

“The air force and air defense annually receive new arms and hardware. The second batch of four Su-30SM will be delivered shortly. A contract has been signed to procure four Mi-35 helicopters,” he said.

Belarussian antiaircraft and radar units will also receive new arms. “Belarussian-made Vostok and Russian-made Protivnik-G radars are to be supplied this year,” Gurtsevich said.

Contracts are being drafted to procure Pantsir-S and S-400 air defense systems in Russia. A joint training center is to be created in Belarus to train operators of the weapons, he said.

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