MiG-31BM test new navigation system in Arctic

MiG-31BM fighter jets have received a new navigational system for Arctic missions, the United Aircraft Corporation said.

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MiG 31BM test new navigation system in Arctic The MiG-31BM is the latest version of the MiG-31. It evolved as an improved version of the MiG-31B interceptor with an added air-to-ground capability (Picture source: Fedor Leukhin)

“A new satellite navigation system is installed on MiG-31BM to provide navigation in any part of the globe, including the Arctic,” it said.

Satellite navigation in the Arctic is unprecise and complicated due to the orbital position of spacecraft, which never go over the head in northern latitudes. The ionosphere is active in the Arctic and triggers numerous problems with electronics. They result in synchronization and positioning errors.

MiG-31BM regularly train over the Arctic. In January 2021, the fighter jets of the Northern fleet went on combat test duty in Novaya Zemlya Archipelago.

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