Kalashnikov supplies Vikhr-1 missiles ahead of schedule

The Kalashnikov Group said it had supplied Vikhr-1 guided missiles to the Defense Ministry by the 2021 arms procurement order ahead of schedule.

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Kalashnikov supplies Vikhr 1 missiles ahead of schedule The 9K121 Vikhr (NATO reporting name: AT-16 Scallion) is a Russian laser guided anti-tank missile. "9K121" is the GRAU designation for the missile system. The missile can be launched from warships, Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters, and Su-25T aircraft. The missile is designed to engage vital ground targets, including armoured targets fitted out with built-in and add-on explosive reactive armor (Picture source: Минпромторг России)

“The missiles were shipped to the customer ahead of schedule and in a full volume envisaged by the 2021 arms procurement order. They passed flight trials, which confirmed full compliance with customer requirements,” it said.

Vikhr-1 guided missiles destroy armor and fortifications, moving ground and slow air targets. The maximum firing range is 8 km. The missiles are carried by Ka-52 helicopter gunships and can be launched from an altitude of 4 thousand meters.

Kalashnikov CEO Dmitry Tarasov said at Army-2020 forum that the company was working to increase the firing range of Vikhr-1 from 8 to 10 km.

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