French Ministry of Armed Forces signed a contract with TELERAD for a new range of aeronautical radiocommunications equipment

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has signed a contract for the acquisition of a new range of equipment for aeronautical radiocommunications.

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French Ministry of Armed Forces signed a contract with TELERAD for of a new range of aeronautical radiocommunications equipment

With an experience of over 50 years in the design and manufacture of radio systems, TELERAD is internationally recognized for its expertise in the following domains: innovating solutions for control towers and centers (Operations, Radios, Antennas), navaids solutions (GBAS, NDB), specific R&D studies for private or state-controlled companies (Picture source: Telerad)

The notification of this contract with the company TELERAD meets the operational, technological and regulatory needs of the Air and Space Army, for its missions on national territory as well as in external operations. Its objective is to renovate or even supplement its radiocommunications capabilities implemented by the Air Command and Projectable Control Wing of Évreux for the benefit of air operations and the Permanent Air Safety Posture ( and also to meet the communication needs on aeronautical platforms of air bases.

The acquisitions that will be made will replace obsolete equipment acquired more than 35 years ago. This new range of products will open the door to new capabilities, in particular job extension, due to its compatibility with Internet Protocol "and new army networks.

It will also allow the Air Force and Space to comply, before December 31 2025, with European regulations which set 8.33kHz the separation between frequencies in the aeronautical range. The interoperability of the various air fleets (military, state and civilian) and air traffic control means will be guaranteed, while maintaining a high level of flight safety.

TELERAD was selected as part of a call for tenders launched in summer 2020 by DIRISI at the initiative of the Air Force Support Brigade of the Air Forces Command.
 Orders will be placed annually on this market for a period of 4 years.