DESAER and CEiiA to develop ATL-100 light transport aircraft

The Brazilian firm Desenvolvimento Aeronáutico (DESAER) is teaming up with the Portuguese centre of engineering and product development (CEiiA) to proceed with the development of the ATL-100 lightweight twin-turboprop multirole aircraft.

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DESAER and CEIIA to develop ATL 100 light transport aircraft 01 Military version of ATL-100 (Picture source: DESAER)

The aircraft will have civilian and military variants. It will be able to carry out operations such as logistical support, search and rescue (SAR), maritime patrol, border control and medical evacuation.

The collaboration, which includes the development, production and marketing of the platform, will be carried out with the Portuguese engineering and product development centre, CEiiA.

The industrialization and commercialization phases will follow, and "in all phases, the project will be carried out by Portuguese and Brazilian professionals in infrastructures located in Portugal and Brazil", guarantees the same source.

CEiiA and Desaer consider that this partnership, which adds complementary skills to the aerospace sector in Portugal and Brazil, "in addition to being an important project for technological innovation and the creation of income and jobs in both countries, arises with special relevance now as a counterattack to the damaging effects on the world economy caused by the covid-19 crisis ".