KRET creates equipment for new-generation zeppelin

Radioelectronic Technologies Concern (KRET) of Rostec will create onboard zeppelin equipment. It will also produce small drones for new-generation zeppelin to guard facilities, Rostec said.

KRET creates equipment for new generation zeppelin AU-30 zeppelin (Picture source: RosAeroSystems)

“The company has to design unified onboard equipment with remote control, an autopilot and navigational system. It will also design aerostats as carriers of small drones,” it said.

The onboard equipment will be tested on a digital modeling bench. It reproduces a flight in real time in manual and automatic regimes and imitates failures of the equipment. It helps monitor the impact of failures on the zeppelin and adjust equipment algorithms. Digital modeling accelerates the creation of onboard equipment and decreases the number of tests.

“The demand for such craft is growing in the world. They are engaged in tourism and environmental monitoring. Besides, they can be effectively engaged in cargo transportation. Small drones will make zeppelins guard facilities, provide radio communications and access to the Internet or special networks. Rostec enterprises have the necessary competences to design onboard equipment for various aircraft and propose effective solutions to create multirole new-generation zeppelin,” Rostec Executive Director Oleg Yevtushenko said.

The company has already created onboard equipment for AU-30 zeppelin. It has a vertical takeoff and can fly to major distances in an unmanned regime.

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