Russian Tu-95MS bomber on trials after scheduled overhaul

Another overhauled Tu-95MS strategic bomber made the first flight in Taganrog, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) said.

Russian Tu 95MS bomber on trials after scheduled overhaul Tu-95MS (Picture source: Marina Lystseva)

“After the trials, Tu-95MS will be handed over to the long-range aviation and fly to the permanent deployment base,” it said.

The Beriev Aircraft Plant is engaged in capital overhaul of Tu-95MS to extend the life cycle of the bombers.

Tupolev Tu-95MS (Nato code name: Bear-H) is a four-engine, long-range, turboprop, strategic bomber / missile carrier developed by Russian aerospace and defence company JSC Tupolev Design Bureau. The carrier is currently in service with the Russian Air Force.

Based on the airframe of Tu-142 (Bear F) maritime patrol aircraft, the Tu-95MS aircraft is a modernised version of the Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber. It is equipped with stand-off cruise missiles and can be deployed in combat missions to defeat cruise missiles and strategic enemy targets.

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