Kazakh pilots train to fly Mil Mi-171A2 helicopters

Pilots from Kazakhstan trained operating Mi-171A2 helicopters at Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant (U-UAZ) of the Russian Helicopters Holding. The training was conducted in the framework of the contract to supply the first Mi-171A2 to Kazakhstan, the Russian Helicopters said.

Kazakh pilots train to fly Mil Mi 171A2 helicopters Mil Mi-171A2 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The training center of the enterprise was validated in 2019 by the authorized civil aviation authority of Kazakhstan. According to Kazakh rules, pilots will annually retrain to ensure flight safety. In the future, quarterly training is planned on Mi-171A2 simulator. Over 90 % of deliveries are accompanied by the training of pilots," U-UAZ Managing Director Leonid Belykh said.

Mil Mi-171A2 is the latest modification of Mi-8/17. Its glass cockpit decreased the crew to two men. The helicopter is an upgraded version powered by VK-2500PS-03 engines (civil version of the engines installed on Mi-28 combat helicopters), digital navigation system with data display indication reducing the crew to two people, and a new rotor system. The training program studies the design of the helicopter and its new power plant VK-2500PS-03 with FADEC digital controls and the auxiliary power plant.

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