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Rostec details D-14 parachute for Ratnik suite

Russia’s industrial conglomerate Rostec has detailed the D-14 parachute of the Ratnik (Warrior) combat outfit. According to Designer General of Parachute-Building Scientific-and-Research Institute (NII Parashutostroyenia, a subsidiary of Rostec’s holding Tekhnodinamika) Vladimir Kachalov, Russian Airborne Troops (Vozdushno-Desantniye Voyska, VDV) will soon switch to the D-14 parachute that has been specifically designed for the Ratnik soldier ensemble.

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Rostec details D 14 parachute for Ratnik suite 01D-14 parachute under testing (Picture source: Rostec)

Compared with previously developed parachutes, the D-14 features a new layout: while traditional systems of the type mount the main parachute and the cargo container on the back and the backup one — on the chest, the D-14 places both parachutes on a soldier’s back and an enlarged cargo container — on his chest. The container has several attaching lugs for equipment and can be used as a raft during landings on water. The introduction of the above-mentioned layout allows a servicemen to open fire during descending.

The D-14 ensures the airdropping of a 190-kg fully equipped soldier from an altitude between 1,200 m and 8,000 m at an aircraft’s speed of up to 350 km/h. The parachute also features an innovative and safe harness that equally distributes dynamic loads.

Rostec details D 14 parachute for Ratnik suite 02Ratnik outfit displayed at Army-2019.  More info on Ratnik at this link (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Tekhnodinamika has also developed the Shturm (Assault) low-altitude low-opening (LALO) parachute that is mounted on a soldier without any backpack or heavy harness. The Shturm allows an airdropping from an altitude between 70 m and 80 m. “Despite its advantages, the Shturm parachute system has yet to be adopted [by the military]. At the same time, the parachute is passing through operational evaluation”, said the press department of Rostec on June 5.

The VDV primarily operates the D-10 parachute with a carrying capacity of 150 kg. The parachute allows an airdropping of a 150-kg fully equipped servicemen from an altitude between 200 m and 4,000 m.

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