Russian Helicopters unveils Ka-32 upgrade

The Russian Helicopters holding (a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec) has detailed the upgraded variant of its Kamov Ka-32 utility helicopter. The modernized rotorcraft was unveiled at the Seoul ADEX 2019 aerospace show held in Seoul, South Korea on October 15-20, according to the company’s magazine Vertolety Rossii (Russian Helicopters).

Russian Helicopters unveils Ka 32 upgrade KA-32A11VS (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"The program of the Ka-32 modernization comprises the integration of a ‘glass cockpit’ with an avionics system, more powerful Klimov VK-2500PS-02 engines, and a new fire extinguishing system…The modified rotorcraft is designated Ka-32A11M," said the magazine, adding that the components of the Ka-32A11M were showcased by South Korea’s RH Focus Corporation.

"Korea operates a relatively large fleet of these [Ka-32] helicopters, which have shown the best performance during various missions, including search-and-rescue, cargo, and fire extinguishing works," said Russian Helicopters Director General Andrey Boginskiy.

According to the magazine, South Korea operates some 50 Ka-32s.

The technical solutions integrated with the Ka-32A11M have already been tested with the Mil Mi-38, Kamov Ka-62, and Ansat civil helicopters. "The new Russian-made SP-32 water tank carries 4 t of water and features advanced water intake/dropping ergonomics and a digital control system. It can be operated under temperatures below zero," said the magazine.

According to the Vertolety Rossii, over 240 Ka-32 have been built up to date. The rotorcraft have been exported to more than 30 countries.

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