TGE Group develops a hybrid quad tiltrotor drone for the Russian Navy

During a visit in the building of the Black Sea Higher Naval School, TGE Group showcased to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin latest innovations already used by the Russian Navy and works under development. Amongst them, a model of a quad tiltrotor drone.

TGE Group develops a quad tiltrotor drone for the Russian Navy Quad tiltrotor drone under development for the Russian Navy (Picture source: TGE)

"Due to this aircraft, we can solve, for example, the problem of regional air transportation, that is, this device flies to where there is no expensive infrastructure, where there are no airdromes, where helicopters do not fly and where the plane cannot land ” - said the president of TGE Ilya Rashkin.

A hybrid tiltrotor can be useful not only for the military, but also for civilians. This drone is able to overcome 2000 kilometers at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour the company writes on its website.